Central Baptist Church – Quincy, MA

Central Baptist Church, Quincy, MA
The grant request / proposal for the Central Baptist Church in Quincy, MA has been submitted – and awaits a decision. The proposal is targeting funds to restore the exterior of the buildings; the Church itself, and the Children’s Building next door. Our volunteer team, comprised of a diverse group through the CDRC (Community Design Resources Center) has put in a lot of time and energy, and brings a great mix of skills and talents. It’s been an interesting process, in that the scope has evolved and been refined in a number of ways. Pastor Martinez has been the key go-between the city and the project team, and has garnered valuable insight as to how to refine the scope for a successful proposal.

Key areas include the Church Entry; the iron work, stairs, columns, brickwork, stained glass windows / storm windows, the bell tower, frieze, and cupola – as well as lighting. The Children’s Building requires that the existing single glazed windows be replaced, as a number of them don’t function, and of course are major heat losses. The existing concrete stairs at the Church Entry are coming apart, so we’ve proposed removing them entirely and replacing them with more appropriate granite slabs. This is in keeping with the downtown Quincy streetscape  - a historic city with deep roots in quarrying. And yes – they primarily quarried granite – so there is an abundance of it used in many ways among the Church’s neighbors. In addition to the new stairs, we’ve recommended new wrought iron railing of appropriate ‘weight’ and character. The original light fixtures at the main entry are long gone, so key New England Church preservationist team member, Bill Buckingham – has come up with some appropriate replacement ideas, including the Warner Park series, by Kichler Lighting.

The stained glass windows at the Church have held up fairly well, but are in need of restoration. The larger component we’re addressing in these windows are the storm window assemblies. Currently there are plexi-glass panels screwed outside the wooden stained glass frames – that are yellowed and cracking. Thankfully they are not well sealed, as an unvented storm window like this can trap moisture and slowly destroy any wood framing held within. We’re proposing a more appropriate institutional spec bronze metal framed glazed system, that will include an operable bottom section to allow the vented portion of the stained glass windows to operate freely.

The Central Baptist Church is an organization that is well qualified for community funds to maintain their facilities. They’ve got a remarkable, diverse, and growing congregation – providing invaluable child care for families that otherwise would not have the help so both parents can work full-time.