1880′s Victorian

Spring has sprung, and Blue Goose is flying. With a number of irons in the fire, things are staying busy; between volunteer work / committee’s and clients, I feel fortunate to be working with so many great people. Currently nearing completion of documents is a lovely historic Victorian in Topsfield is getting a much needed Attic Build-out / dormer roof extension to accommodate a full head height stairwell to turn an under utilized attic into a multi-use space. Storage, seating area, and two bedrooms round out the program, as well as a fully renovated 2nd floor bathroom as well.

Highlights include aforementioned hipped dormer at the stair area, a substantial amount of closed cell spray-applied foam insulation applied at enlarged / deepened rafter bays throughout; new insulated (and tempered) glass aluminum clad wood window units throughout as well as fall guards due to close proximity to the attic floor spaces – and decidedly not close proximity to the ground (3 stories up). Topsfield being a newly designated Green Community in Massachusetts has some pretty tight code components for energy efficiency now, so we’ll be turning an enormous heat-loss spot into an incredible energy savings opportunity. Otherwise, electrical. lighting, and fire / smoke detection & prevention in addition to the stretch-code compliant R-Values combined with skylights and finished spaces ought to transform this well used, well loved and fantastic house into yet a more flexible and accommodating place. Construction to start soon; completion this summer.